Monday, October 13, 2008


Paulo Coelho was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. "I always knew," he says, "that my Personal Legend, to use a term from alchemy, was to write." He was 38 when he published his first book.

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Anonymous said...

THnx for such a big collection!!! :)
The link fro ELEVEN MINUTES is not working. Please update it

Anonymous said...

Can u plz plz email me a copy of Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho at really do need it urgently and your link is not working.

nitin said...

all links has been updated again ...

all the books can be downloaded easily

Anonymous said...

thanx a lot..........Itz really an amazing easily we r getting such a great collection.......really really gr8ful

Anonymous said...

I just love dis site....such a huge collection we r finding here...I wud hv never known dat can be so much addicted to read novels if I wud nt hav found the site......Oh m lyk flyin ......And The Alchemist is the best novel I hav read so far...It teaches so many things.....Plz keep up updating the site and give us the pleasure to explore the world, reality and imaginations

Anonymous said...

the site is jus superb.
i got so many novles i was lookin for.
However paulo coelho`s novel collection is not complete.
n few most desired novels cant b downloaded llyk that of Stephenie Mayer`s .plz look into d matter.